Our model

At WSV, we believe in trade not aid and therefore we ensure every step of the business models in our portfolio include an exchange of value.

Our approach is to act as a hub to attract investment and CSR sponsorship towards the social enterprises in our portfolio. The WSV team and our advisory network also work directly on the enterprises where relevant to ensure adequate expertise and support is in place. This entails different levels of involvement depending on the personnel and stage the idea or project is at.

The WSV Social Franchise


Currently, all of the social enterprises in WSV work in the international development sector. The businesses rely on their strong brand image to establish micro-enterprises in communities. The micro-enterprises operate to provide an income to the individuals who run them through the sale of their aid solutions as an affordable product or service to the community.

In order to be able to create widespread impact, a sustainable business model and utilise the existing partnerships that organisations have, these community focused Brands operate under the WSV Social Franchise.

Organisations first purchase a license to utilise a particular Brand and business model. An organisation can then establish the micro-enterprise models in the communities they work in. Each Brand offers a range of ongoing support, with a minimum level set as standard to ensure the models are being implemented appropriately and the partner NGOs are replicating the core impact of the micro-enterprise.

We provide complete documentation and training on all steps of establishing and maintaining the micro-enterprises; from conducting needs and impact assessments, to micro-enterprises record keeping and activity logging for the community entrepreneurs personal business development strategies. Please see below for more detail on the contents of the Social Franchise Pack or for a complete content list, please contact us.

As the franchisees scale and spread these micro-enterprise solutions to communities, the brands themselves constantly innovate products, improve business models and develop marketing strategies to be distributed through the network of franchisees to communities. A large amount of this innovation occurs within the communities themselves, any such innovations are piloted in other communities then distributed throughout the network.


Pack 1 - Information & Teaching Materials for Franchisee

This pack contains the everything required to setup a micro-enterprise. The main body consists of a step by step guide covering the steps to setup and successfully monitor a micro-enterprise. This pack also includes a top level analysis of the micro-enterprise and information about working with WSV.

Pack 2 - Needs & Impact Assessments

This pack works through the methods behind conducting accurate needs & impact assessments whilst trying to minimise the effects of bias. This pack also contains the assessments themselves specific to the micro-enterprise, and the analysis tools used for understanding the results of the assessments.

Pack 3 - Micro Enterprise Education Material

This pack contains all the education material for the micro-enterprise. Covering everything from how to make the products, to the business and health education associated with the product. Effective teaching methods are covered in Pack 1.

Pack 4 - Micro Enterprise Operational Material

The final pack contains the operational material for the micro-enterprises, including; market material, user guides and book keeping documentation.