At Wessex Social Ventures (WSV) we build ideas and projects into sustainable social businesses.


At Wessex Social Ventures (WSV) we help build ideas and projects into sustainable social businesses.We currently run three enterprises, aimed at communities living on less than $3 per day. WSV provide the business models, the resources and the training. In other words, we focus on giving people the tools they need to help themselves. We aim to create true empowerment by providing long term fulfilling jobs, powering the local economy and solving some of the world's fundamental social issues. We bring together expertise from social organisations, corporates, the public sector and an experienced advisory team, to form a network committed to using their skills to accelerate social businesses. We create significant impact through our core values:

  • Social business – putting people, community and value creation at the centre of what we do
  • Collaboration – working with communities, NGOs, students, corporates and public bodies to create the best possible solutions
  • Innovation – encouraging the businesses in WSV and our partners to think outside the box

Sustainable Development Goals

At Wessex Social Ventures we are committed to tackling the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and as such work to build this into all of the enterprises in our portfolio. We will also be attending World Merit Merit360 program, the most significant program for global citizens committed to tackling the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. Please watch this video and let us not stop half way!

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Our Portfolio

The following businesses make up the current WSV portfolio

Right Light

Right Light micro-enterprises rent solar lamps to their local communities.


Roots micro-enterprises build toilets that convert waste into fertiliser.


Training local women to produce reusable sanitary towels and educate their communities.

The WSV Model

The WSV model is a simple one; take core innovative ideas from social projects or businesses and build a sustainable framework around it. We aim to not only maximise the impact and empowerment, but to create a scalable and long term sustainable business. Our work is driven by partnerships.

Our Model

The current businesses in WSV are all international development based. The most important aspect of setting up a community owned business is the relationship with that community. This is why the current WSV portfolio operate on a social franchise. This focus on partnerships is what drives the success of enterprises in the WSV programme.

Trying to fund community driven impact?

Our social franchises create impact that self-replicates and is independent of donor generosity.

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Partners and Support

It’s not just WSV these programmes and businesses are supported by, but rather a whole range of people and organisations

Who else are we working with?

At Wessex Social Ventures we want to build a network of organisations and individuals working together and supporting social businesses. Be this the businesses in WSV, the social sector organisations or cooperates looking to support communities and social businesses. It doesn't matter what an organisation primarily does as long as its values and actions describe a social good in what they do.

Two of our most important partners are the University of Southampton and Enactus Southampton, for more information  on our relationship with Enactus Southampton see below.

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Enactus Southampton

The origin of WSV

Enactus Southampton

WSV originated from the University of Southampton Enactus team where the founders realised the potential for the projects that were being created to change lives on a global scale. This relationship is one of the most integral parts of WSV as it allows WSV to support the amazing work that the students are doing in Enactus. Whilst also giving the projects they develop an opportunity to scale into the World through the WSV accelerator.

Our Team

Meet the WSV team

Bradley Heslop

Bradley Heslop MEng FRSA, has a logical mind, balanced with an empathetic nature. Bradley has received significant recognition for his drive and passion for positive cultural change having come 5th in the Top 100 Future Leaders 2014/15 publication.

Bradley Heslop
Adam Boxer

Adam Boxer MEng FRSA, is best known for his analytical and innovative mind. He has received recognition multiple times, including the Southampton University Student’s Union Innovation award. Adam brings extensive international experience in both Kenya and India.

Adam Boxer

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Adam Boxer



Bradley Heslop



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